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Muifel Brouwerij

Oss, Netherland


In the town of Megen the Muifelbrouwerij was born in 2002 as a hobby brewery where a Duvel-like beer quickly went through life as a Muifel.

The brewery logo is one of Megen's characteristic façades.

Zuster Agatha Quadrupel
Named the tastiest beer in Brabant in 2015, this tasty and rich dark quadrupel beer is the showpiece of the Muifel Brouwerij. Malt: Pilsnermalt, cara 120, special B, chocolate malt. Hop: Northern brewer, Hallertau Mittelfrüh.

Zuster Agatha. 10% ABV. 2018.

IBU 30 - Color: EBC 40