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Warka, Polan

Zywiec Group

A Heineken Company


Since 1478. Till May of 1976 the Warka brewery was a part of Zakłądy Piwowarskie w Warszawie (Warsaw Brewing Industries). On June the 1st 1976 Zakłady Piwowarskie w Warce (Warka Brewing Industries) were created. Privatisation of the plant in 1994 returned to the brewery its well deserved position. In the privatized venture by the name of Browary Warka Sp. z o.o. a process of thorough changes was initialized.

Since 9th of November 1999 Browary Warka Sp. z o.o. have been incorporated into Grupa Żywiec S.A.

Chmiel hops


Jasne Petne. 500ml.


Miara. 500ml, 5,7% ABV.


Warka. UEFA Supercup. 2019

500ml, 5,2% ABV.



Strong. Dwuslodowy. 500ml. 6,5 ABV.