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Super Bock Group


Leca do Bailo, Portugal


The company União Fabril Portuense das Fábricas de Cerveja e Bebidas Refrigerantes – Sociedade Anónima de Responsabilidade Limitada (which became known under the initials CUFP) was formed on March 7, 1890, following the merger of seven breweries, six in Oporto and one in Ponte da Barca.

On June 1, 1977, the Council of Ministers decided to found two public companies in the beer sector. Following that nationalization, CUFP, Copeja (1972) and Imperial (1973) merged, resulting in Unicer – União Cervejeira E.P., which remained state-owned until June 28, 1990, at which point it was totally privatised.

Unicer changed the name in 2017 to Super Bock Group.

Controled by Carlsberg.

Super Bock

First brewed in 1927. Lager Beer, has won 28 gold medals in the international contest "Monde Sélection da la Qualité".

Cerveja Super Bock, 5,6% ABV. 1990.

Unica com 5 medalhas ouro consecutivas

33 cl.

Cerveja Super Bock, 5,6% ABV. 1994.

Unica com 10 medalhas de ouro consecutivas.

33 cl.