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Mahou-San Miguel

Madrid, Spain


San Miguel is founded in 1890 in the the Philippines. In 1953 did San Miguel, Spain, become indepent of San Miguel, Philippines. Today a part of Grupo Mahou San Miguel.

Mahou San Miguel was founded in Madrid in 1890 under the name Hijos de Casimiro Mahou.


Launced in 1969.
Mahou Cinco Estrellas. 2007.

Cantabria 2006.

Type Lager/Pilsner.

ABV: 5,5%.

Mahou Negra
Launced in 1908.

Mahou Negra. 2007

Type: Stout.

ABV: 5,5%. Light in common to other stouts.

San Miguel Especial Pilsener
San Miguel. Bottled in Malta

San Miguel. 33cl. 1985.


San Miguel. 33cl. 1990.

5,4%. 13% plato.

San Miguel. 75cl. 1990.

5,4%. 13% plato.

San Miguel. 33cl. 1992.

Premium Lager. Lerida.

5,4%. O.G. 1049-1055.

San Miguel. 25cl. 1992.

Pilsener. Lerida-Malaga-Burgos.

5,4%. 13% Plato.

San Miguel. 33cl. 1998.

Cerveza Especial. Elaborada.

5,4%. 13% Plato.

San Miguel 1516
Relaunced in 2003.

San Miguel Premium 1516. 2007.

The name reffers to the German Purity Law of 1516 (using only water, malt and hops in the brewing process).

ABV: 4,2%.

Selecta XV
First launced in 1972.

San Miguel Selecta. 1986.

15% plato.

San Miguel Selecta. 1993.


ABV: 6,2%.

San Miguel Selecta. 2008.


ABV: 6,2%.