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Brew Dog

Scotland, UK


Since 2007. In 2010 Scotland’s largest independent brewery.



Brixton Porter
Brixton Porter. ABV 5,0%. 2015.

"The Dark Renaissance".

Clockwork Tangerine
IPA. Brewdog Seasonal.
Clockwork Tangerine. ABV 4,5%. 2018.

Citrus Session IPA.

Dead Pony Club
Pale Ale.
Dead Pony Club. ABV 3,8%. 2017.

66cl, "Session Pale Ale".

Electric India
Extra Pale, Munich and Wheat malt.
Electric India. ABV 5,2%. 2017.

40 IBU.

Elvis Juice
Grapefruit infused IPA.
Elvis Juice. ABV 6,5%. 2017.

"Grapefruit infused IPA".

Hazy Jane
New England IPA.
Hazy Jane. 2020.

ABV 5,0%. Embrace the opaque.

Hoppy Christmas
Simcoe hops.
Hoppy Christmas. ABV 7,2%. 2018.

Festive IPA.

Jet Black Heart
Oatmeal Milk Stout with vanilla.
Jet Black Heart. ABV 4,7%. 2017.

"Oatmeal milk stout".

Punk IPA
Dry IPA.
Punk IPA. ABV 6,0%. 2010.

"Post modern classic pale ale".

Punk IPA. ABV 5,6%. 2016.

"Post modern classic".

Punk IPA. ABV 5,6%. 2020.

"Post modern classic".

Santa Paws
Scotsch ale.
Santa Paws. ABV 4,5%. 2018.

Christmas scotch ale.

77 Lager
77 Lager. ABV 4,9%. 2012.

"Juxtaposition pilsner".

Tactical Nuclear Penguin
Made from imperial stout. Undergone a long and cold stint in a very powerful freezer.
Tactical Nuclear Penguin. ABV 32%. 2017.

"Beer for the dedicated".


There is no Santa
Stout brewed with cocoa nibs and ginger stems.
There is no Santa. ABV 4,7%. 2010.

"Diceptively drinkable".

Trashy Blonde
Pale ale.
Trashy Blonde. ABV 4,1%. 2010.

"Stauesque fruity ale".