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Isle of Skye Brewery

Scotland, UK


Established April 1995 as a partnership between 2 teachers at Portree High School.
At the end of 1996 one of the partners decided to withdraw from the brewery to concentrate on other activities.

The remaining founder, Angus MacRuary, took on sole proprietorship and resigned two years later from his teaching post to concentrate full-time on the brewery. Brewing duties are undertaken by Pam Jones (Scotland's only female brewer) and Norrie MacLeod.



Black Cuillin
Brewed with roast barley and rolled roast Scottish oatmea.
Dark Scottish Ale. 4,5%. 2007.

Blaven, or "Bla Bheinn" the blue mountain, si perhaps the most beautiful of all teh couillin mountains.
Blaven. Leann Bla Bheinn. 5,0%. 2007.

Cuillin Beast
The legend says that the great Celtic warrior Cuchulainn was oft accompanied by a fierce dog-beast that wandered the jagged mountains og Skye.
Cuillin Beast. 7,0%. 2006.

Hebridean Gold
Brewed with porridge oats and malt
Hebridean Gold. 4,3%. 2007.

Red Cuillin
Named after the famous hills of Isle of Skye.
Scottish Export Ale. 4,2%. 2008.