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Founded 1890 as a merger between Banks and Company, Dudley Victoria Breweries and Fox Brewery. They formed Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries. In 1999 they bought Marston, Thomson & Evershed and Mansfield Brewery. Bought Jennings in 2005.

In 2007 was the name changed to Marston's.

Bought Wychwood in 2008.

Amber Adder
Hatherwood Craft Beer Company. Sold in Lidl. Amber Ale.

the Amber Adder. 2017.

Amber Ale no. 3.

500 ml. 4,3% ABV.

Oyster Stout

Oyster Stout. 2020.


500 ml. 4,5% ABV.

Pedigree Bitter
Introduced 1952. The only beer to use the oak Burton Union System so that it is fermented in wood; the ingredients are mineral enriched Burton Water, malted barley, and Fuggles and Goldings hops.

Pedigree Bitter. 2001.

Exceptional Bottled Ale.

500 ml. 4,5% ABV.

Single Malt
With 100 % Golden Promise malt.
Single Malt. Pale Golden Ale. 2003.

500 ml. 4,2% ABV.