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O'Hanlon's Brewery Whimple, United Kingdom


John and Liz O’Hanlon bought in 1991 a pub. In 1995 could they open a brewery in London. Five years after was there need for bigger buildings. They moved to Devon and continuied the brewing there.

Organic Rye

Rye Beer.

Organic Rye, 2002.

5,0 % vol.

Organic Rye, 2004.

5,0 % vol.

Royal Oak

Matured in oak.

Royal Oak, 2004.

Thomas Hardy's Ale

Since 2003, O'Hanlon's had been brewing Thomas Hardy's under license for U.S. importer George Saxon, who had bought the rights to the beer from original brewer Eldridge Pope. Thomas Hardy was created by Pope in 1968 as a tribute to the English author and continued production until 1999, when the company got out of the brewing business. Saxon bought the rights and hired O'Hanlon's to brew it to the original recipe. The production stoped in 2009. In 2016 it was made again. This time by interbrau, Italy, and produced at Meantime, London.

Thomas Hardy's Ale, 2004.

11,7 % vol.

Thomas Hardy's Ale, 2006.

11,7 % vol.



Yellowhammer, 2001.

4,5% vol.