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Ridgeway Brewing

Oxfordshire, UK


Ridgeway Brewery is run by Peter Scholey, former head brewer at Brakspear, and his wife Vanda. The Ridgeway, a long distance ancient footpath passes just a few hundred yards from our front door in South Stoke - hence the brewery name.

Bad Elf

Bad Elf. 2016.

Winter's Ale 6,0%.

Black Elf
Black Pale Ale. Brewer Peter Scholey.

Black Elf. 2017.

Black Pale Ale, 4,5%.

Foreign Export Stout
Stout. Maris Otter Malt, whole leaf hops.
Foreign Export Stout. ABV 8%. 2016.

Imperial Barley Wine
Fusion between russian Imperial Stout and barley wine.
Imperial Barley Wine. 2012 vintage.

10% ABV..

Insanely Bad Elf
Imperial Red Ale.
Insanely Bad Elf. ABV 11,2%. 2013.

"2013 Vintage Ale".

Santa's Butt
Winter Porter.

Santa's Butt. 2016.

6,0 % ABV. Winter Porter.

Very Bad Elf
Brewed to an original 1795 Thames Valley recipe, with a very special pale amber malt. Fuggle hops.
Very Bad Elf. ABV 7,5%. 2016.

Special Reserve Ale.

Warm Welcome
Brown ale.
Warm Welcome. 2016.

6,0 % ABV. A Perfect Holiday Toast!.

Nut Browned Ale.