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Samuel Smith

Tadcaster, UK


The Samuel Smith Brewery was founded in 1758.



Fifty Fifty

Cooperation between Spendrups and Samuel Smith, Tadcaster. A Samuel Smith light mild ale blended with a bottomfermented Spendrups beer. One third ale and two third Spendrups.

Fifty Fifty, Klass III. 1991

4,5% Abw. Plato 11,0.

Imperial Stout
Imperial Stout, 2001

330 ml. ABV 7,0%.

Gold Medal & "Best of 2003" —World Beer Championships.
India Ale, 2002

550 ml. ABV 5,0%.

Nut Brown Ale
Nut Brown Ale, 2019

355 ml. ABV 5,0%.

Old Brewery Pale Ale
With seaweed finings
Old Brewery Pale Ale, 2011

355 ml. ABV 5,0%.

Organic Chocolate Stout
Sweet stout.

Organic Chocolate Stout. 2017.

Thocobroma cocao.

550 ml. ABV 5,0%.

Organic Raspberry
Fruit Beer.

Organic Raspberry. 2015.

Handcrafted Fruit Beer.

355 ml. ABV 5,0%.

Outmeal Stout
Gold Medal & "Best of 2003" —World Beer Championships
Oatmeal Stout, 2003

550 ml. ABV 5,0%.

Winter Welcome
Seasonal beer.
Winter Welcome Ale, 2009-2010

550 ml. ABV 6,0%.