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Sulwath Brewers

Scotland, UK

The company was first established in February 1996, although production started in autumn 1995. They are using local produce where it is possible.

Only the best quality Maris Otter malts are used in each full mash brew, with addition of whole hops fleurets form the Hereford area.The late marketing Director have been involved in hop growing around Hereford for some three generations. Sulwath Brewers do not use hop oil extract, but rather, fresh whole hops.

The name "Sulwath" is the ancient name for the Solway Estuary. This is reputed to date back to a ford, or crossing near the mouth of the river Esk which marked the border between Scotland and England around the 13th Century, and from general usage, the estuary became known as "Sulwath".

The Caerlaverock region is dominated by a granite based mountain called "Criffel" hence the logo of two flying geese against its background.


Solway Mist
Is available from the end of May until the end of summer.
Solway Mist. 2006.

Wheat beer. 5,5 ABV.

With wheat, ots, Seville Orange Peel, Coriander, Vanilla Pods and yeast.

Sporran Warmer
Brewed specialy for Skotsk Import in Denmark.
Sporran Warmer. 4,8%. 2006.

Traditional Scottish Winter Beer.