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Bodø, Norway


Founded in 1897.

E.C. Dahls bought Nordlandsbryggeriet in 1976, it was then named Bodø Aktiebryggeri. In 1978 the name was changed to Nordlandsbryggeriet A/S.

Became a part of Ringness in 1988 and was in 1990 named Ringnes Nordlandsbryggeriet.


Bayer Øl
Brewed to celebrate 125 for the founding of the breweri.
Bayer Øl. 1982.

signatur E.C. Dahls.

E.C. Dahls Bryggeri -Nordlandsbryggeriet.

Dahls Bayer Øl

Nordlands Pils
Nordlands Pils.

Kåret til Norges beste øl i 1986.

Produsert av Nordlandsbryggeriet A/S Bodø.

V-UKA. Narvik.

Nordlands Pils